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Join the team.

We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our national team.


Job Brief.

You probably use Pharmacy Discount Cards daily on patients. This position gives you the opportunity to use our Discount Card while receiving high commissions for each first time use on a new patient [an Activation]. We beat GoodRx and SingleCare an average of 76 percent+ of the time. Our prices are unlisted, and exclusive to SPARC Pharma Group.

Using our card means the consumer saving more money on their necessary prescriptions, and you making a significant secondary income. No quotas, no caps, no strings attached.

You'll be receiving our Welcome email, and two DocuSign documents [w9 + Agreement].


  • Highest commission in the Industry [$$$]

  • Best discounts possible for consumers [unlisted, exclusive pricing]

  • Exceptional Referral Program [More $$$]

  • Frequent Promotions [More $$$]

  • Personal Online Portal [for tracking your "activations" and commissions]

  • No quotas, No caps, No strings attached


What's a good number to reach you?

What's a good date and time to reach you?


We are currently looking for Individuals in the Pharmaceutical Industry. By clicking submit you understand you will be called on the date and time selected, and you are a Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Manager or Pharmacist.

*SPARC Pharma Group reserves the right to reschedule any calls if over scheduling occurs.



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