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SPARC Pharma Group™ is a leading broker and distributor of prescription discount cards. SPARC has leveraged relationships in the PBM and PBA space that spans well over a decade. Our mission is to change the lives of millions of consumers by providing the very best discounts.

Come join us and learn why we provide you the absolute best commissions while helping consumers save money in your local communities!

Job brief.

Provided you are a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician or Manager you are very aware of Pharmacy Discount Cards/Coupons [PDC] and the positive effect they have on your Patients. SPARC Pharma Group™ offers a PDC that will beat GoodRx, SingleCare etc. 76% of the time across the country at all major Pharmacy Chains.

Your job is to provide our Discounts for your cash Patients using our BIN, PCN & *unique Group Number to help them save on their necessary prescriptions. In doing so, you will receive $14 commissions per a card used on each new Patient [an Activation].

*You are assigned a unique Group Number for tracking and commission purposes. Anytime your Group Number is used on a new Patient in the country you receive "Activation" credit.


  • Highest commission in the Industry [$$$]

  • Best discounts possible for consumers [unlisted, exclusive pricing]

  • *Exceptional Referral Program [More $$$]

  • Frequent Promotions [More $$$]

  • Personal Online Portal [for tracking your "Activations" & commissions]

  • NO quotas, NO caps, NO strings attached

*Referral Program: Every Referral brought to SPARC by you will give you $2.00 on every Activation they receive, and $1.00 for every Activation their Referral receives.


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